Friday, September 30, 2011

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Diamond In The Rough
   October 2011  Fall Fresh Edition

The Fundamentals of Reading

Did you know 50% of adults do not read? And even those who do, do so for work or school purposes only. When is the last time you've read a book? Do your children only read school related material? When is the last time you have read to your kids or the elderly? The reality is most of us do not read. Social media, the IPHONE and the IPAD are dominating forms of technology. But with a 50% illiteracy rate in the city of Detroit, we all need to become interested in reading books again.  Let's learn to use this age of technology for our reading benefit. After all, reading is fundamental! 

Did You Know??

Reading is a great stress reducer!  Particularly when engaging in inspirational material.  Check this out:

Tip of the Month

Challenge yourself to READ a story to a youth, or a person who cannot read this month! Fall Fresh and do something new!!

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